Glass Bead


Glass Bead is a unique and popular air blasting abrasive for cleaning and conditioning surfaces. It is manufactured from high-grade glass, annealed in its spherical shape to equalize internal stresses and resist fracture. In addition, the inherent strength of glass bead is such that it can survive multiple impacts, allowing for economies of continuous recycling.

Its applications include cleaning moulds, glss carvings and decorative works in glass industry, removing rust and corrosion without dusturbing the base material, blasting for cleaning and conditioning surfaces without changing thier dimensional tolerences or contaminating them.

Specific Gravity : 2.45 – 2.50
Hardness : 5.5 MOH
Bulk Density : 1.54g/cc

Size 3 4 8 9 10 12 13
Mircon Range 600-425 425-250 250-150 212-106 150-90 90-45 53-10


SiO2 72.50%
AI2O3 0.40%
FeO & Fe2O3 0.20%
Cao 9.80%
MgO 3.30%
Na2O 13.70%
K2O 0.10%